Brilliant Minds Program

Our founder, Jeri Brooks was raised to serve the community and has carried that tradition into the offices of One World. The Brilliant Minds program is a part of an expanded vision to provide support to deserving high school students. Currently, One World offers two distinct "Brilliant Minds" programs.

  • Brilliant Minds Annual Scholarship honors a female student pursuing a career in communications who displays strong character, maintains good grades and aspires to be a good human deeply committed to making the world a better place. This gift is a part of an expanded vision to provide financial support to deserving high school students pursuing higher education.
    Since the inception of Brilliant Minds the program has expanded to offer paid and unpaid internships to college students.

  • The Brilliant Minds Internship is offered every semester to students pursuing careers in the political and/or communications industry.
    We provide both paid and college credit experiences. While there have been too may interns to remember of the years, below you will find some
    of our most recent Brilliant Minds.

    • 2017 Summer Brilliant Minds Antron Johnson, Texas Southern University

    • 2016 Summer Brilliant Minds Dante James, Texas Southern University

    • 2015 Summer Brilliant Minds Chidimma Uwalaka, Villanova

    • 2014 Summer Brilliant Minds Kia Pichon, Texas A&M School of Law

    • 2014 Fall Brilliant Minds Lynette Monroe, University of Houston

    • 2013 Summer Brilliant Minds Chamiya Brunes, University of Oklahoma

    • 2012 Fall Brilliant Minds Jayln Gordon, University of Houston

    • 2012 Fall Brilliant Minds Troy Woolfolk, University of Michigan

    • 2011 Summer Brilliant Minds Emani Wade, University of Texas

    • 2011 Fall Brilliant Minds Maegan Clemens, University of Houston

    • 2010 Brilliant Minds Bianca Perez, University of Houston