Bridging Consensus

Bridging Consensus

Getting Older and Being Bolder

What’s up everyone? I hope you have been enjoying my posts on public speaking. Today is the third and final post but I think it is my favorite!! This post will be on the “WHY” of public speaking. You know, why is this important? Why am I still reading? Why should I care? Why can’t I eat ice cream all day everyday? (Well, maybe not that one). Anyway I hope you enjoy.

As technology, people and products continue to develop and change, the importance of speaking in a public setting may dwindle. However, speaking isn’t the only place where our words matter. What do the number 140, the color light blue, and a mountain bluebird all have in common? If you’re thinking Twitter, you’re right!! It’s easy to type something that was funny at the time and delete it later. But how hard is it to encounter your friend the next day in a face to face confrontation? “I didn’t mean it” they said. “It was just a joke” they said. “I already deleted it” they said. I know we have all been there and it can be hard. Many people struggle with confronting each other because in the world we live in today, it is 10x easier to send an “I’m sorry” text with the animated balloons (to show you really care) and believe everything is better. When in all actuality words have more power than we recognize. You are desecrating yourself and others by not thinking before you speak.

There have been several times when my friends and I have been joking about not being prepared to handle a potential social situation. How many of you walk into a Bread Co, Starbucks, or the library and hope and pray you don’t see anyone you know? I’m very guilty of this!! Due to a lack of practice in our screen-driven world, “there are thousands of bad public speakers running under the impression that they’re doing OK,” because no one wants or feels compelled to correct them (Berkun 114). However, Scott Berkun explains that messing up and making mistakes is more important than speaking seamlessly. Let's put this in perspective. We are in a basketball game and you get fouled and head to the free throw line. You dread free throws and wish we would just take the ball out of bounds. You step up to the line and shoot a perfectly on target air ball… You can’t look at your phone and engulf yourself in a fictitious world of apps. You have to get back on defense and play the next play. Embracing embarrassment, smiling at mistakes, and working to fix them all will result in more positive public speaking interactions.

I want to thank you all for coming on this journey of public speaking through my blogs and I hope you learned something while you were at it.  Remember: The Christian Recorder from March of 1862 lied when he said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Words have power. Speak easy. 😊

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