Bridging Consensus

Bridging Consensus

Midterms Babyyyyy

#LeighsLessons:  Midterms Babyyyyy

Hi Everyone!! October how exciting, the month of midterms, Halloween and my sister's 18th birthday.(come back next week to read about how to prepare, 18 is a big number!!!) I am going to share my top five tips to crush your midterms this semester. Now if you use these tips it does not guarantee automatic good grades but they have yet to fail me and I have been in school for quite some time.

1. Start early, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, wait until the day before, I know procrastination sounds ideal when Netflix is on but trust me the A on that final history research paper can sit next to  you while you watch your Netflix. I recommend making a plan at least a week and a half before (but everyone is different so adjust to what works for you) which leads me to my next point…

2. Make a plan, I personally like using a calendar and writing out day by day what I am going to do,and for how long. You want to be able to hold yourself accountable but you don’t want to be studying the whole night.

3. After you have made a plan, go meet with your teachers in any areas that you might struggle with. The teachers want you to do well (even though with all these assignments you feel like they want you to fail ), so go ahead and meet with them.

4. If the teacher is still confusing, make a PRODUCTIVE study group, get a group of friends together, order some pizza and knock out learning the quadratic formula together.

5. And finally, don’t stress, (and get sleep) I realize that is a bit easier said than done, but remember it is not the end of the world if you only read over your research paper 10 times instead of 15. Trust yourself, you know the material you have prepared all that is left to do it prove your knowledge.

Ladies and Gentlemen, just remember you is smart, you is kind, and you is important. (The Help movie reference, hopefully some of you understood that) I know that you all will crush these finals, and remember “you do you” don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Later, Leaving, Out.