Bridging Consensus

Bridging Consensus

Family is Forever

#LeighsLessons: Family is Forever

Hi Everyone!!! Welcome back to the Blog! This weeks article is all about Thanksgiving and my family’s traditions.

Depending on the year, the actual dinner is held at my house, or my grandparents house.  We live about 45 minutes away from each other.  My mom’s parents live in Arkansas and her brother and their family live in Iowa. My mom’s side of the family stays at our house and my dad’s sister comes home from Texas.  Other aunts and uncles come from Michigan, Florida, Washington, Georgia, and Illinois to join in the festivities.

Every year we take a family picture, and every year it does not come out the way anyone intended. This year will be different.

The meal is planned to be eaten around 3:00pm. How cute is that? An early afternoon meal so everyone is full through the night and energized to go Black Friday shopping later. Except that is also not how it works.  Here is a typical schedule of Thanksgiving Day in our family:

8:00 cousins are awake, trip to the gym to burn some energy

9:00 croissants, pancakes, bacon, eggs for breakfast10:00-1:00 mom’s preppin’, children playing, dad’s watching parade (that we plan to go to every year but have yet to go)

2:00-3:00 everyone getting ready, last minute food preparations

3:00 arrive at Grandma’s house

4:00 realize we might not ever eat

5:00 dinner

8:00 dishes finally finished (all washed by hand)

8:00-10:00 forced to play dominos or some other game...

10:00 back home (stocked with leftovers, but never enough ham)

11:00 fast asleep

Leigh Leigh you forgot Black Friday shopping!! Exactly. Every year we say we will and the next thing we know, it’s bed time. My sister and I will have basketball practice the next morning and Thanksgiving for breakfast, lunch, and dinner begins.

Thanksgiving is a time of fellowship and fun. This year I challenge you to put your phone away the whole day and truly engulf yourself in the surroundings of family.

Leaving, Later, Out.

Leigh #leighslessons