Bridging Consensus

Bridging Consensus

Two Ts to Talk Terrifically

Hey Everyone! As promised here is my second post of my three week series on Public Speaking!

There are many ways to improve something. Public speaking is like a sport or activity, if you want to excel you have to practice. But “practice” is a broad term with multiple meanings and interpretations. So, this post will include tips to talk terrifically!

Take your time. I know practicing is a tedious task that is not much fun, but from my own experiences, if I practice the way I plan on presenting multiple times, I present better. You need to pay attention to the rhythm “throughout the talk that informs your pace every step of the way,” (Berkun 178). Most people rush when they get nervous and endupsoundingsomethinglikethis. Inevitably, you read that last phrase faster than you are reading now. As you are speaking, focus on taking your time and think about each space between each word. “When you fly through your words, your tongue and lips can't keep up with your mind, so you drop important vowels and consonants, causing your listeners to miss your meaning.” (Wyeth) Listeners are lazy. They do not want to work to listen, so if you are able to be understood easily, they will be more inclined to listen. If you focus on pronouncing each constant and vowel sound and lower your voice you will be forced to speak slower.

Trust your throat. After you have prepared and practiced your presentation, it is important to trust your throat. Many people that speak with power and eloquence have trust in themselves. Putting trust in something you only notice when it's sore (I know, flu season is terrible) is a big choice to make. Trusting yourself before the presentation will decrease the amount of stress you have during the presentation. Finding a way to connect with people in the audience makes presenting 1. Less scary 2. More personable 3. All around easier for everyone. So, in other words connect with your audience and believe in yourself.

In my own personal experiences, public speaking only gets easier the more you practice. Although not everything you present about will be something you are passionate about, if you enjoy what you are learning about, practicing and perfecting your presentation is more fun. Having trust in yourself, the time and effort you have put in, and your audience all will make for a perfect presentation! :)  

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