Tips for a Successful School Year

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to the Brilliant Minds Blog! I’m Leigh, a 15-year-old high school sophomore and part of One World’s Brilliant Minds. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the world, sports, and life in general. This week’s topic is preparing for school, specifically the different kinds of school supplies I use to maximize my organization for the school year. My MVS (most valuable supply) is a planner or agenda or whatever you want to call it. I must write down my homework, upcoming events, and the dreaded tests and quizzes, otherwise I’ll forget. At my school, we are blessed with personal laptops but I am a sucker for good old fashioned pen and paper notes.

A 5-subject notebook is also very necessary this year because my class schedule includes: Math, Science, English, French, History, and Drama. The final essential for me is an accordion folder with pockets for each subject. (I recommend Office Depot, even though they aren’t the cutest colors, they are GREAT quality). This is yet another way to keep me prepared and ready for my day at school. I hope you guys enjoyed my first post and use some of these tips to keep your organized in school or even in work.

Leaving, Later, Out.

Leigh #leighslessons