Tweet My Jobs Houston!  | Case Study

Project: Public Relations | Public Engagement | Public Affairs

Objective: To launch a job recruitment tool and mobile application, creating an increase in opportunities provided for Houston job seekers and employers. 

Strategy: The One World team developed and implemented a public relations, public engagement and public affairs strategy that would ensure widespread promotion of “TweetMyJobs Houston!” (TMJH) and the City of Houston’s involvement in launching this unique online and mobile platform at the Greater Houston Partnership 2013 State of the City address.

One World Strategy Group was exclusively responsible for: 

  • Securing interest from media on the date of the official launch, which included developing and issuing a press release and reaching out to local broadcast and print media as well as community papers and bloggers throughout the greater Houston area.
  •   Staffing all media correspondence leading up to and on the date of the launch including partnering job seekers and local businesses to interested media to ensure the full story was captured.
  •  Encouraging job seeker engagement and local business partnerships through social media by serving as an ambassador for TMJH. The One World team achieved this by drafting tweets and Facebook posts throughout the event and authoring a blog article that reached a wide network through our social media channels in real time as the announcement took place.
  •  Coordinating with city departments, job seekers and local business participants to coach, prepare and create language on behalf of TMJH that was highlighted through out the launch.

Result: The One World team secured more than 50 piecesof media, reached 210526.50 per million and calculated almost $60,000 in public value. 

*Efforts are presently ongoing