Walmart & TexStars Foundation Produce Crawl

Client: Walmart, TexStars Foundation and State Representative Borris L. Miles

Project: Public Engagement | Public Relations

Objective: To bring free, fresh produce to seniors and families in Sunnyside ( a designated "food desert" ), on behalf of Walmart, TexStars Foundation and State Representative Borris L. Miles.

Strategy: The One World team developed and implemented a public engagement strategy to engage a large number of Sunnyside area residents and ensure a positive turnout at the pick-up spots where fresh seasonal produce was distributed to Sunnyside's families and seniors.

One World Strategy Group was responsible for: 

  • Securing a produce distributor who works within the community and has a passion for bringing quality products to those in need.
  • Developing marketing materials (including produce bags and aprons) that were both coast conscious and effective in communicating each of the participating brands.
  • Sorting, preparing and disbursing the produce on the day of the event. 
  • Coordinating all event logistics including the research and procurement of three locations, establishing convenient routes available to residents and coordinating the staffing of all volunteers. 
  • Developing marketing materials leading up to and for the event including a flyer that was distributed through various community channels to highlight the event to residents and encourage a positive turnout. 
  • Promoting the event and event sponsors withing social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress. 
  • Engaging faith-based organizations and community grassroots stakeholders in order to encourage support and a positive turnout. 

Result: The One World team was able to distribute over 650 bags of fresh produce to families in need, several of whom were introduced to healthy super food alternatives and recipe ideas that could be put to use with the produce found in their bag. One World's strategic coordination of the event ensured the clients were able to reach a maximum number of Sunnyside residents while keeping overall cost to a minimum.